Lady Cherohala | My Bike for All Seasons

Lady Cherohala | My Bike for All Seasons

May 29, 2018

In 2014 I built my T5 for long(er) distance cycling. With a Sram eTap and a light set of wheels with 25 mm tires, this bike is a blast. Fast and agile, yet smooth to ride.

Since Litespeed launched its Gravel bike, I thought the G could perfectly supplement my T5.

At Eurobike 2017 I got a first glimpse of the new Cherohala frame-set.

With a fondo road geometry, clearance for up to 40C gravel tires, internally routed disc brake and Di2 cables as well as fender/rack mounts, this new lightweight titanium frame promised to be a companion for all seasons.

In March 2018 my Litespeed Cherohala hit the ground in Frankfurt, Germany.

By the way, it is a "she." Lady Cherohala, how I named her. :-)

Equipped with 32mm Continental road tires, the Lady was unexpectedly fast on tarmac. Fellow riders were kind of astonished how well I was able to cope with their speed.

I am now on 28mm Continental Grand Prix Four Seasons, which are even faster on road and still good for light gravel.

Tires, geometry but also the titanium absorb a lot. Straight through potholes? Sure! Streetcar rails? No problem!

The Cherohala was my choice for the Paris-Roubaix Challenge – but my body said no.

Since I own the Cherohala, my T5 stays mostly at home. Even for longer training rides on tarmac I chose the Cherohala.

For riding in rough terrain, I got an extra set-of wheels with tubeless Schwalbe G-One Bite 35mm. The best gravel tires I ever had!

Then I got fenders (SKS Race Blades XL) for my commutes on rainy days.

Also for commutes, but also for overnight travels, I bought a light titanium rack, the Tubus Airy…

…and panniers. :-)

What would I change? Instead of a manual Ultegra the SRAM eTap is my choice for shifting. After having the eTap on my T5 for a while, it was tough to go back to manual and a completely different shifting logic.

Last but not least, if you wonder which bar end plugs I use…

Belgian Beer comes in corked 0.75 ltr bottles!

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